Thursday, March 6, 2014

Live for today, plan for tomorrow and party tonight....

    When you say Friday, your first thought is that the best days of the week are coming and they're called Saturday and Sunday xoxo...So there's no time to be wasted!!!Moreover, March is the gifts' month, so don't hesitate to offer you a fabulous party to celebrate the Woman's Day, or better said the Woman's Month!
    But a fabulous party can't be complete without a fabulous look.And, for this I chose a fashionable tulle skirt and the colour season's star, a blue navy top.

    As you know, accessories are like vitamins to fashion, so add a little sparkle to your outfit by wearing a spectacular necklace, feminine earrings or polished bracelets.

Necklaces: J.Crew (, Zara, Shourouk
Bracelets: J.Crew, Shourouk
Earring: J.Crew, Shourouk

My outfit:
   Necklace: Zara
   Top: Zara
   Skirt: My own creation :)
   Shoes: Zara

    No matter what you choose, dare to be fabulous because it's your birthday!!!!

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