Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life is too short, so start with the dessert!

    My first feeling when I wake up is to smile.And I have plenty of reasons to do it:
     -first of all is finally spring

     -second of all I gave up all that heavily winter coats for the floral dresses, funny dots, colourful  shoes, pastel bags :)
     -then, the magnolia in front of my's like a blooming pink bouquet full of freshness and beauty

     -also, for me, spring is the perfect reason to redecorate my place and transform my little balcony in that place where I can savour my coffee, read a good book, enjoy the sunny days and warm nights, and learn biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry...but thanks God is still March, not May, so let's not talk about the last part :D

     -not to forget all the delicious season fruits, one more reason to try every recipe based on fruits and chocolate, thing that I've done it.

    And because spring is so short, I start my kitchen experience with a strawberry cheesecake.It's not complicated and the result is absolutely delicious.

   You need:
200g biscuits
200g sugar
120g butter
700g cottage cheese
2-3 spoons of flour
4-5 eggs
100ml sour cream

   For fruits topping:
300g strawberry
100g sugar

1.Pound to pieces the biscuits, add one part of the sugar and the melted butter.Put the composition onto the bottom of the pan.Put the pan into the refrigerator.
 2.Beat the cottage cheese with the rest of sugar and the flour.Add the sour cream.Mix well. Add the eggs,one at a time, mixing on low speed after each addition just until blended.
3.Put the composition onto the pan where are the biscuits and bake it 45-60 min.
4.Meanwhile, prepare the topping by add the sugar over the strawberry slices and leave the blend until becomes like marmalade.
5.Refrigerate the cake as long as possible before adding the topping and serving.

                                                            Bon appetit!

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