Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to black

    Black-and-white goes back to the very origins of photography. In the early years, the photographers had no choice but to take photos in black-and-white.Even if nowadays we have high-performance cameras, the black-and-white photos still have that mystery...They remind us of a different world with a different vision.
    They capture all the details, the texture is more accentuated, the position of the onlooker is wrapped up in a mystery, the shapes and forms are becoming the points that draw attention.All these make one picture memorable.
    Karl Lagerfeld said once that black-and-white always looked modern,whatever that word meant.And this is still true.It radiates style and also compound the classic with the modern.
    Black-and-white is beautiful.It helps us to see the light.

    Black-and-white was never gone.It's always reinvented. The only thing that still the same is it's power which allows us to discover the new in the old.


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