Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend ideas

    Scrolling my Pinterest page I found a really nice quote "Some say there aren't enough days in the week,we say there's not enough days in the weekend", which is actually more than true. We start making plans for the next weekend from Monday morning with the promise we'll be more reposed for the next week.
Even if the way from Monday to Friday is long, I thought of some refreshing activities to prepare yourself for the next week.

    First of all, start your Saturday morning enjoying a flavoured coffee with a yummy cupcake in your favourite pyjamas.The foggy day doesn't seem a reason for being loured, does it?

    It's impossible not to miss all that long chats and that unstoppable laugh.Call your friends and invite them to you. Laughing is the best cure for all the stress and worries gathered during a week.

    Do you remember that long walks on your bike from childhood?Well, don't hesitate to feel again those days' freedom. Rent a bike and take some walks!

    Prepare a bowl of popcorns and sit comfortable on your couch, because the outside weather is giving you no choice but starting a marathon of TV series.Here are some suggestions:

  There are few series that can captivate us like Grey's Anatomy did. A drama based on the personal and professional lives of some surgical doctors, first like interns than like a family.A story full of drama, humour and things to be remembered .

  Political intrigues, lawyer stuff, scandals...Good Wife get us from one to another season.

  Centered on Sara, a beautiful but unhappy married female photographer who begins an affair with Jack, a lawyer from a powerful family, also married .A story full of drama, sudden turns and passion: Betrayal.

  If you loved the Carrie's adventures in the Big Apple, New York, with her 3 best friends, than you wouldn't be disappointed by The Carrie Diaries,the beginning of junior Carrie with her first questions about life, love, sex and friendship.

  And the list can easily continue with: The tomorrow peopleOnce upon a timeSleepy Hollow or Da Vinci's Demons

Let the weekend begin!!!!

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