Saturday, January 4, 2014

Start the year with spectacular goals!!!

    I've noticed that doing a "To do" list for the new year, makes me think of all the beautiful things I want and I can do, which definitely gives me an optimistic view regarding the year which started a few days ago.
 This year I want to: more

... laugh more

...have more vacations as beautiful as I used to have

...find more spectacular places new people with the power to inspire me

...develop the power to inspire others

...learn a language which looks impossible but it can be done

 ...write more more books

...take more pictures

...explore my own city

...spend more time with my friends

...fill the house with flowers completely, undeniably and contagiously HAPPY

    It's time to start doing all the things you've planed even if they look hard to do at first sight.They are not impossible.With patience, will, ambition, determination and love you'll see how the small steps will lead you to the big results.

So, let's get to work!!!!!!



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